LAZgroup SA - Company Overview

LAZgroup - Business and Technology Solutions

Mission Statement

LAZgroup's mission is to create trusted, reliable and efficient business and information technology solutions using our unique knowledge base and years of experience in the field. To improve efficiency of existing technological, business and living processes by inventing or reinventing secure, computer-mediated solutions.

Purpose of LAZgroup S.A.

French (original): Recherche, developpement, exploitation de differents algorithmes modules, logiciels, principalement dans le domaine de la securite informatique, intelligence artificielle, interfaces alternatifs pour utilisateurs; toutes activites liees dans le domaine de l'informatique

English: Research, development and exploitation of various modules, algorithms, libraries and software solutions in the field of computer security, artificial intelligence and alternative user interfaces; and all other activities in the field of IT

Corporate Values (Working Principles)

Challenges inspire our creativity. We strongly believe that every difficult or large need can be split into smaller tasks. We believe that each of those tasks have more than one simple, elegant and cost effective solution. Unlike other companies, we do not sell a one-size-fits-all type of product. Rather, we study all possible solutions, creating unique features and finding the best overall result for your business's needs.

We value our people. It is only due to their expertise and knowledge that we have grown into a successful consulting company. LAZgroup is able to provide world-class products and service thanks to having the highest level of expertise within our company. Our Research and Development team consists of leading experts in field of business administration, information security and software development. These people power our business by providing the most up to data skills and knowledge base.

We strongly believe that our knowledge and experience can create value for your business. As such, we encourage our employees to think differently. Rather than focusing on what other companies have done, we encourage our employees to use their imagination and creativity to achieve the best results for the individual business. In the current climate of continually developing technologies, our employees devote a substantial amount of time to perfecting their skills and knowledge to remain at the forefront of the industry.

Cost efficiency is a concern of any business and our abilities exemplify this. We create the cost effective solution. In some cases, we were able to significantly reduce the cost of the project by finding a best fit to the given business needs. Our focused attention to your needs reduces your costs and gives you a better overall product.

Advantages of Working with Us

By choosing LAZgroup, you are choosing a reliable. long-term, strategic partner in information security and software development.

Unique Knowledge and Experience

We provide excellence, experience and knowledge of business and technology. Our employees are knowledgeable, skilled and talented software developers and security experts. Through experience, our company has developed an extensive knowledge base (with millions of lines of source codes and thousands of algorithms and applications completed). All our security experts understand ethical issues surrounding the information security business while possessing solid knowledge and extensive experience in their field.

Global Partner Network

With the help of our business and technology partners, we are able to provide our customers with the most appropriate technical and business solutions best suited to their needs. We have proven relationships with various private research centers and software developers from all over the world.

Our research and business partners include leading companies from around the globe as well as technology research centers and universities. Through this broad partnership, and the level of expertise that it yields, we are able to combine our efforts to provide the most efficient and effective solutions.

Individual Approach (Alternative solutions and best practices)

The needs of our clients are our first priority. In researching and implementing some technology or business solution to suit particular need of our client, we work with you rather than for you reach communication is required through the process. Each of our customers receives individual attention, personalized service and tailored solutions.

This is why we provide our customers with reliable long-term support and always look for the best solution for each customer's unique needs, including creation of carious personalized systems and software solutions.