Products and Services provided by LAZgroup SA

LAZgroup SA mainly does IT Consulting and Software Research and Development.

High performance, reliability and security are the main features of our software solutions. Some of our products are presented on this site and are absolutely free for private, non-commercial use. However, many of our solutions are available only to registered members and corporate clients who bought the license. We also have numerous of other products and services not fully represented on, since some of our divisions maintain their own web-portals.

We are especially experienced and knowledgeable in the following areas:

Artificial Intelligence – including various types of neural networks, genetic algorithms, cellular automata, and other AI concepts and algorithms. This can also include the behavior analysis and content optimization of search engines and search engine results. We feel that by developing these systems now, we will not only become the innovators of the future, but the leaders as well. Let our knowledge and experience in the AI arena become your backbone.


Alternative Interfaces - our main goal in this area is to create a budget eye-tracking system to help people who suffer from paralysis or considerably impaired mobility. We developed a number of different applications that are now published under the brand EyeComTec. Our team is working tirelessly to ensure this project becomes a reality and our hard work and diligence will pay off as we present this to the community as a gift of sorts.


Information Security – including but not limited to, secure content management systems, encryption and data analysis. While other developers are struggling to make their systems look good having all bells and whistles, even at the sacrifice of data security, we are focused on making ours more reliable and secure.


Words experienced and knowledgeable means a lot to our company. We have written millions of lines of code, developed thousands of different algorithms, modules, and programs. We can design and effectively implement solutions to particular technical or business needs within the areas of our expertise. Most likely we already have implemented something that you or your business might be looking for. Don’t hesitate to contact us using the contact form of the present site.